Hilde SchaapHilde Schaap was born in Amsterdam. She graduated from the Royal Art Academy of the Hague and is a teacher of fine arts. Hilde has had exhibitions worldwide. As an artist, Hilde is difficult to fit in a single category, she has many interests and her work is developed along several major themes: the inner world, the outer world and how the creation of a  work of art effects the final composition.
Her work is a process in which she discovers the future and explores her inner self. She feels that "it is important to focus on the process instead of viewing the result without thinking about the process. The fear of being judged a failure makes people scared of innovating and looking into the future." Energy and movement are one of the main focusses of her work. She loves to explore movement in her work. As she says: "even when standing still, your body is full of movement". The contrast between moving and standing still is emphasized by the use of lines: experimenting with form and depth of colour.

Hilde Schaap 2018